The deadline for award nominations extended till 07.11.2021 and will be strictly followed. 

Those who have applied need not apply again.  

On 07.11.2021 submission under each category will be limited to maximum of ten on first come basis to avoid all the applications getting crowded on the last minute of deadline. 

Nominations from members/life members are invited for ESI Senior Entomologist Award 2021 for his/her contributions in the field of Entomological Research


  • Award will be conferred to Indian citizens for his/her contributions to Entomology.
  • Applicant must be an ESI annual member or life member and must hold a regular academic/ research position in a recognized academic institution or University or National laboratory or in any other recognized R&D institution in India.
  • The nominee should be more than 40 and not have crossed 50 years of age as on 31st March 2021
  • Former or present Vice-Chancellors of Universities/ Principals of Colleges/ Directors of Central or State or Private research institutions / Heads of the Departments not below the rank of professors/ Fellows of all the national scientific academies like INSA, IAS, NAS, NAAS/ Entomological Society of India (ESI) can nominate suitable candidates for the award.
  • Twenty best publications of the nominee should accompany the nomination papers. List the research publications with DOI in the descending order of NAAS score of the Journals (NAAS journal ID and NAAS score).
  • The Judging Committee chaired by the President, ESI will comprise eminent entomologists and constituted by the Society, will evaluate the nominations and select the awardees. The decision of the President, ESI will be final.
  • There are two awards under this category and a certificate with the citation will be given to the awardees, with a cash award of Rs. 20000/ which will be presented in a simple public ceremony/through post (in absentia) (The date & the venue will be notified as and when finalized).
  • Each awardee will have to present his/her research work in a webinar series 

Complete nominations are to be submitted online at awards section by using member login and password on or before 11.59 PM of the 07 November 2021. No correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

This year we are also considering applications through email in single PDF (not more than 50 pages) including the application form and with all enclosures must reach by email: (hardcopy will not be entertained) on or before 11.59 PM of the 07 November 2021.No correspondence will be entertained in this regard. 



The primary objective of this category of awards is to encourage senior scientists below the age of 50 years of promise and creativity reflected through their contributions to entomology.


Allocation of marks for different criteria (Total 100 marks)

1. Publications                                                  – maximum 60 marks

2. Products, Technologies, Discoveries and Patents         – maximum 20 marks

3. Externally Funded Projects                         – maximum 10 marks

4. Involvement in Teaching/Extension activities – maximum 05 marks

5. Evaluation committee                                  – maximum 05 marks

1. PUBLICATIONS (Max. 60 marks)

(i) Research publications will be given marks according to the 2021 NAAS score of Journals.

(ii) First author and corresponding author will get full marks in a publication and rest of the authors gets 50% marks.

(iii) The nominees should submit the list of their 20 best research publications, of relevance to Entomology, in chronological order. For each publication give name(s) of the author(s), indicate the corresponding author by asterisk‘*’ after his/her name, year of publication, full title, name of the journal, volume No. and page Nos. For NAAS scoring of journals, a list of Journals as identified by NAAS and available on the Academy website: may be consulted and the Journal ID should be mentioned in the column provided in the proforma against each publication. For Thomson Reuters Impact Factor (IF) journals, NAAS Score = 6.0 + IF with capping on 20.00. 

(iv) The NAAS Score of all 20 publications will be added and multiplied by 0.3 with a cap of a maximum of 60 marks

(v) Attach one set of reprints of the 20 most important publications listed in the nomination, and also submit soft copies of their PDF in one file.


I. Developer of each patented product with details of patent No., trade Marks and IP protection (commercialized/not commercialized)/ plant variety Gazette Notified by the CVRC/SVRC and released by Central Sub-Committee on Crop Standards, Notification and Release with evidence/ biocontrol strains, Discoveries of new species/ new genus described following standard procedures/ first reports/records of insects authenticated by the accredited body(national level) or publication /Germplasm registered for insect pest resistance, diagnostic kit, process, concept, methodology, software/website/app development/Database management/Expert system developed/Decision support system /models/New molecules/ chemical and biopesticide formulations duly validated by recognized institutions/ authority. For online products, URL should be accessible         

4 marks each

II.Research findings that become sustainable practices among the stakeholders. These include integrated pest management modules, insect conservation methods, post-harvest pest management technologies, institutional innovations, improvement and innovative extension efforts leading to large scale diffusion and adoption of technologies approved by AICRPs/ SAUs/ ICAR/ such organizations

3 marks each

*Please note that products, technologies, discoveries mentioned at sl. No. 10 of the Nomination form should be other than those claimed in 20 most important publications. Documentary evidence should be enclosed for the patents/ copyright, adoption of products and technologies, and their impact on the livelihood of farmers/commercial value and acceptance by clients/stakeholders. 

Developer (one) shall be awarded 100% marks, Co-developers (max. two) 75% marks, and associates 50% marks. If publication first author and the corresponding author will get full marks in a publication and the rest of the authors 50% marks.


Principal investigator of each project (minimum of 10 lakhs) funded by ICAR, CSIR, DST, DBT, state governments of at least more than one year completed (Both completed and currently active projects are considered) (2 marks each)

Co-Principal investigator of each project (minimum of 10 lakhs) funded by ICAR, CSIR, DST, DBT, state governments of at least more than one year completed (1 mark each)


A. Teaching 

i. One mark each for Doctoral degree awarded and 0.5 marks for each Master’s degree awarded as a chairperson of the advisory committee

ii. Teaching aids developed (Teaching manuals for course, study tour, industrial visit for students organized), supported with appropriate evidence and recognized by suitable official body 0.5 marks for each

B. Extension

i. Front Line Demonstration conducted – 1.0 mark for each

ii. Field Day/ farmers fair, demonstration, exhibitions, radio talks, TV presentations - 0.5 marks for each

iii. Extension teaching aids developed- 0.5 mark for each